Level Lite
3.50 USD /month
VAT not included
Level Lite is Microsoft Teams application which will increase productivity of workforce by enabling self-service training and personalized onboarding with micro-learning content for Microsoft Office 365 technology. Microsoft Office 365 has a lot of features, and if you want to increase workforce efficiency and empower your teams to became more skilled, Level Lite will help your company with technology onboarding and adoption. Level Lite will not only provide training of purchased Microsoft Office 365 technology stack, it will empower your teams by showcasing features and functions that helps your organization to communicate and deliver results on more professional and efficient way. <br> <br> Level Lite (powered by WorkplaceBuddy) isn’t your ordinary e-learning tool or chatbot, it’s a service! <br/> Microsoft 365 offers a lot of new features, but most people don't know how to use them. It's a waste of investment and the potential that your employees have! <br/> <br> Level Lite is a personal but scalable solution for interacting with employees within a team, which helps everyone to use Microsoft 365 with joy! <br/> <br>Opportunities with Level Lite : <br/> • an interview to determine your personal level and level of digital readiness <br/> • a personal training journey <br/> • targeted proactive campaigns with relevant advice and training <br/> • answers to Microsoft 365 questions from the chatbot and a support team <br/>
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  • Level Lite P1Y Annual

    <p style="font-weight: normal"> The price is per user! Buy 12 months for the price of 10 months! <br/> - Teams-based application <br/> - Noventiq helps to identify your staff learning path <br/> - Workforce assessment <br/> - Personalized learning journey <br/> - Proactive personal guidance <br/> - Answers as a service

    42.00 USD /year
    VAT not included
  • Level Lite P1M Monthly

    <p style="font-weight: normal"> The price is per user! Reduce risks and pay monthly! <br/> - Teams-based application <br/> - Noventiq helps to identify your staff learning path <br/> - Workforce assessment <br/> - Personalized learning journey <br/> - Proactive personal guidance <br/> - Answers as a service <br/>

    4.20 USD /month
    VAT not included
  • Benefits
    When Level Lite is applied, everybody is helped in a personal way. People experience joy, you can make more impact, the support load is reduced, and organizations utilize their 365 investment and increase their overall productivity!
  • Give it your personal touch
    From the Level Lite portal you can see all statistics of your organization, and you can add your own learnings, chatbot conversations, proactive campaigns to targeted audiences, and answers to incoming questions.
  • Answers as a service
    When people have questions about Microsoft 365 they can ask them to Level Lite. An answer is guaranteed as questions that are (yet) unknown to the chatbot will be answered by support experts from Level Lite. A notification will be sent to people with the relevant answer, and the chatbot will know next time.
  • Scan
    When a user begins to interact with Level Lite, they will be asked to do a short interview. The chatbot asks a couple of questions to better understand the profile, digital readiness level, and needs of the user. This information will be available in the portal and will be used to better help each individual user.
  • Proactive campaigns
    Experience true engagement through proactive campaigns! This is a set of messages that is scheduled to specific target audiences. For example, for people who are really into Teams, people who want to learn more about organizing notes and todos, or who want to know more about “Smarter meetings”. People can decide for themselves whether they want to participate.
  • Learning journey
    People have different skills and needs. When the scan is done, personal learning journey is offered, which will continuously adjust to the progress of the user. It is possible to add your own learnings here or on top of all learnings as well.